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5 Ways to Train for an Obstacle Course

So with the 2022 coming to a close, and I am on my way to a healthier and leaner look, I decided that one of my goals for 2023 will be to run a Spartan Race. I have always been into obstacle courses and 5ks, but I have yet to complete a Spartan Race. The year I was training and bought a ticket for the race was 2020. Unfortunately for me, that was the year of Covid, and everything got cancelled. Once they opened up the races, I was pregnant and couldn't do it. So as you could imagine, I am super excited to be able to train for 2023.

I had always been an avid gym goer since around 2015. Going to the gym is efficient, easy and convenient. I like going because I have everything I need there from treadmills to weight machines. I go to 24 Hour Fitness where there is 2 levels and TONS of equipment to choose from so I am able to get a variety of workouts in.

Training for a Obstacle race can be a little bit intimidating at first. I know my first race I was training for, I struggled to figure out what exactly I should be doing, what I should be focusing on and how exactly to do it. But the more experiance I got, the easier it became to develop a plan. When I start to train, I usually will start training hardcore around 8 weeks before the race. I find for me, this works. If your new completing races, or are a seasoned racer, your training time might be shorter or longer. Speaking of that, let's get started discussing 5 ways to train!

  1. Strength Train

Strength training is essential. One thing I learned is that you don't need any kind of fancy equipment. I had bought a set of resistance bands, like the ones here on Amazon. I like these because they come in 3 levels of resistance namely light (2-35lbs), medium (3- 5lbs), and heavy (45-7lbs), so there's no need to worry about the hip bands being too lightweight or excessively large. Renoj exercise bands set for legs and glutes is non-slip and very resistant, and it can be used with workout equipment without losing its elasticity after frequent usage and activity. In fact, I still have mine from 2020 and they are in excellent condition despite using them almost daily. You can use them in a variety of workouts and activities, including P9x, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, and Beachbody Workouts. These will for sure build muscle if you use them consistently.

2. Endurance Cardio

Since most Obstacle courses are at least a 5k (3 miles) you will want to make sure that your cardio is at it's highest. Now, you can complete a 5k without focusing much on cardio, but I don't recommend it. I did it once, and I almost couldn't complete the race. Your ability to run, at least at a moderate pace is essential. One of the tools that I used to boost my cardio was by using a Weighed Jump Rope. You can find it here on Amazon. One thing I like about this type of exercise is that it can train your stamina and speed, while improving the muscle intensity of your whole body, and building muscle definition and burning fat. This weighted jump rope is great for thigh and forearm strengthening, leg training and endurance training. You also don't need a lot of space to do it, and it's convenient, so you can take it anywhere.

3. Nutrition

Nutrition should probably be your number one priority when it comes to being fit and wanting to change your physique. You can't out run, or out-lift a bad diet. When it comes to nutrition make sure you are getting what your body needs to recover, have energy and is balanced with healthy fats, proteins and carbs. A good thing to remember is that not all Carbs are bad, and not all Fats are bad. For example, good carbs can be found in sweet potatoes, vegetables, quinoa and brown rice. Healthy fats can be found in avocados, olive oil and nuts. It is a good idea to track your nutrition I highly suggest getting MyFitnessPal and tracking your macros. I also recommend The Macro Diet Cookbook on Amazon. I like this cookbook because it will teach you the diet basics, including simple meal prep; counting macros for beginners; and easy-to-make, irresistible, healthy meals that keep you satisfied and promote long-term health.

4. Schedule Training

One of the mistakes that I have noticed with people who have the goal to complete an obstacle course is that they don't set aside training time. Training is essential. Developing a plan is essential, or else you will be struggling to finish. I have made this mistake before, and trust me, that last mile was absolutely terrible! I couldn't pull myself up onto anything, I could barely muscles had given out. It all comes down to putting in the effort to train well. If you are new to exercising or have a hard time planning out your workouts, I recommend 5K Training for Beginners on Amazon. I like this Training plan because you'll be able to successfully (and comfortably) run a 5k at the end of your training. This program will help you lose weight, build muscle and tone your body. You'll improve your health. Keep up with your training and you'll have more energy, be thinner, happier and live longer, you'll just feel great most of the time. You'll know exactly how to create your own 'feel good factor' which you can turn on and off like a tap. This program has been designed for beginners, but if you're an experienced runner you'll learn a few things to help you to get better, faster and reduce the amount of time you need to spend running and jogging. It doesn't have any tedious long distance running AND no special equipment required.

5. Rest

Having Rest days included within your training plan is extremely important. Having a rest day will give your mind (and body) a change to relax and recuperate. When resting, your muscles are able to recover and adapt...not to mention become stronger. Rest days have a huge impact on your performance. Your body is able to alleviate soreness and remove excess lactate from your muscles, allowing them to grow. It's also important, especially when training, to prevent injury. Nothing worse than becoming injured when training...this will cause a setback and hinder your progress. During your rest days, do something you enjoy such as reading a book, enjoy time with family/friends or just hang out quietly...whatever you feel like doing!

Have any more ideas to train for an obstacle course? Comment below and let us know!

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