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The Best Amazon Finds Under $20 You Can Use In Your Fitness Routine

Online shopping has become increasingly popular throughout the years. It's really no surprise that Amazon has taken over a lot of households instead of going to the store. With Amazon's prime delivery, it makes it easy to order a product when you are waiting in line, cooking dinner or just sitting on the couch relaxing. Amazon really does have the coolest products on the market. Not to mention they have great finds that go viral on Facebook, Tick Tok or Twitter. Some even might make you ask yourself "Why didn't I get this sooner!?"

Since there is a lot of online shopping, and Amazon seems to be taking over the web, I have rounded up the best Amazon finds under $20 that you can use in your fitness routine. We rounded up 28 oddly amazing products that you probably never knew existed. We've got you covered if you in the market to ramp up your fitness with the new year, or just want to browse around.

Shop our top picks ahead!


Heading #1: Tone Fitness Ab Roller Wheel

This simple ab roller will increase muscle tone for your abs, shoulders, arms, back, and core. It glides across any surface without slipping underneath you, this enables you to have complete control of your movements.

The handles are made with foam padding to prevent your hands from slipping during your workouts. Hands down, the best exercise for your core. I also have to warn you, it might be a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang of it and start to build up muscle in your core, you will be mastering this move in no time. With all of the added benefits of gaining core strength, lightweight and easy storage, now wonder it made our list of best Amazon finds under $20!

Get your Ab Roller Wheel Here

Heading #2: Readaeer Push Up Bars

What I like about these push up bars that they are portable and lightweight, which is exactly what you need when you are building a home gym, especially if you have a small space. Since it's so lightweight, you can even pack it in your gym bag and take it to the park or your local gym.

Another added bonus is that the handles have a cushion foam grip which helps the strain on your wrists, helping you perform the push up with correct form. Not to mention they are also built with a non-skid surface so you don't have to worry about sliding around or landing on your face.

I highly recommend the push up bars since they are designed with high quality material. You can get in a good upper body workout and develop muscles in your chest, shoulders, triceps and even back muscles.

Get Yours Here on Amazon

Heading #3: URBNFit Pilates Ring

Oh Pilates. Yes, I know what some of you maybe thinking "I never do Pilates" or "it's not high intensity"...but trust me, this Pilates Ring will for sure sculpt your body, giving you a full body workout! - no joke, that's why it landed in #3 on our list of best Amazon finds under $20.

You can tone your upper back, triceps, forearms and even inner thighs with this Pilates Ring. Plus, it's made out of dual sided foam pads that gives you cushion when you workout. Best part is that you don't have to worry about the ring cracking or breaking. The Pilates Ring is made out of fiberglass with a rubber sleeve so it will re-form easily after you use it.

I highly recommend this Pilates Ring whether or not you actually do Pilates or not. It's a great addition to add to your home gym to give you toned muscles while helping you become more flexible and gain endurance. It's also great for beginners and experienced individuals. You won't regret this Pilates Ring since there are so many benefits of using one.

Get Yours Here on Amazon

# 4: Rubberbanditz- Fitness Dice for Workout & Exercise

The 3-dice set includes one die for bodyweight training exercises, one die for weighted and/or CrossFit exercises, and one die for rep count/time. I love this because it makes working out fun and entertaining.

Each exercising on the dice targets multiple muscles so you can bring your A game anywhere at anytime. This game can even fit into your pocket so you can take it to gym and play with friends, or even to the park....or maybe just keep all the fun to yourself in your own home gym.

I love the idea of bringing fitness into a game. I highly recommend this for anyone, whether you are a seasoned gym goer or a beginner. We just had to add this fun dice workout & exercise game to our list of best Amazon finds under $20.

You can get yours Here on Amazon.

5. Ventilated Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves

These Workout Gloves protect your hands fully, unlike other gloves. These gloves are designed with wrist support that can protect your arms from spraining. And the foam pad on the palm will buffer the impact of sports apparatus. Made of a high-quality material which is resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat and aging making for a long last durable pair of gloves.

I don't know about you, but I have had some gloves that make my hands too hot, which is not what I want when I workout. These gloves are more breathable than the others and also made out of lightweight fabric which keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

These gloves are great if you train for CrossFit or lift free weights frequently. These gloves really helped me when I preformed clean and jerks, snatches and front squats. Highly recommend these to add to your home gym.

Get Yours Here on Amazon.

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