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Best Running Shoes for Beginners on Amazon

Are you a beginner looking to kickstart your running journey? The first step is to invest in a pair of high-quality running shoes designed to provide the support, cushioning, and durability you need.

To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of the best running shoes for beginners that you can find on Amazon. Whether you're starting a couch-to-5k program or simply seeking comfortable, reliable footwear, these options have you covered.

five best running shoes for beginners

Best Running Shoes for Beginners

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Men's and Women's Running Shoes

ASICS is a renowned name in the running world, and the Gel-Venture 7 is an excellent choice for beginners.

Why we like it? These shoes offer exceptional support, cushioning, and traction, making them suitable for both road and trail running.

The Gel-Venture 7 stands out for its superb support, which is crucial for novice runners as it helps reduce the risk of injuries and ensures a comfortable, stable ride. The cushioning in these shoes is both responsive and plush, providing the perfect balance for those just starting their running journey. This feature minimizes the impact on your joints, allowing you to run longer and with less discomfort.

For beginners who plan to explore a variety of terrains, these shoes are a winning choice. They feature a durable outsole designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor running, offering reliable traction on both roads and trails. Whether you're navigating city sidewalks or venturing into the wilderness, the Gel-Venture 7 adapts to the challenge, making them a top pick for those who want versatility and durability in their running shoes.

By providing strong support, cushioning, and versatility, the ASICS Gel-Venture 7 earns its place as an excellent choice for beginners, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable start to your running journey.

2. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Men's and Women's Running Shoes

New Balance's Fresh Foam Arishi V3 is an ideal choice for beginners looking for a combination of style, comfort, and affordability.

What sets the Fresh Foam Arishi V3 apart is its unique blend of style, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. These shoes feature New Balance's Fresh Foam cushioning, delivering a plush and responsive ride that beginners will appreciate. The cushioning ensures a comfortable and supported experience, making these shoes perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of running.

In addition to their excellent performance, the Fresh Foam Arishi V3 boasts a sleek and modern design that's equally well-suited for running and casual wear. This versatility means you won't have to switch shoes when transitioning from your daily jog to everyday activities.

And one of the standout features is the budget-friendly price point.

For beginners, it's reassuring to know that investing in quality running shoes doesn't necessarily break the bank. The Fresh Foam Arishi V3 strikes the right balance between affordability and top-notch performance, making it an excellent choice for those who want value for their money.

With its stylish design, exceptional comfort, and affordability, New Balance's Fresh Foam Arishi V3 is a smart choice for beginner runners who appreciate style without compromising performance or budget.

3. Brooks Ghost 14 Men's and Women's Running Shoes

Brooks is known for its premium running shoes, and the Ghost 14 lives up to the brand's reputation.

Why we like it? It offers a perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced runners.

One of the key reasons why we favor the Ghost 14 is its alignment with Brooks' legacy of producing top-tier running shoes. These shoes strike a balance between cushioning and responsiveness, making them an ideal choice for runners at all levels, including beginners.

The Ghost 14 incorporates Brooks' DNA LOFT cushioning technology, resulting in a soft, comfortable landing and seamless transitions during your runs. This ensures that you have a cushioned and supportive ride, which is especially crucial for novice runners to prevent discomfort and minimize the risk of injury.

With its rich Brooks heritage, the Ghost 14 delivers a superb blend of cushioning and responsiveness, making it a top choice for both beginners and seasoned runners, and it lives up to the brand's reputation for premium running footwear.

4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Men's and Women's Running Shoes

Nike's Air Zoom Pegasus series has been a long-standing favorite for runners.

Why we like it? The Pegasus 38 continues the tradition of excellence, offering remarkable versatility and performance suitable for runners at any level, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

What makes the Pegasus 38 truly stand out is its commitment to excellence within the renowned Air Zoom Pegasus series. These shoes are celebrated for their versatility, making them a fantastic choice for runners of all backgrounds. Whether you're just starting out or have countless miles under your belt, the Pegasus 38 has something to offer.

A significant reason for this universal appeal is the inclusion of the responsive Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. This technology not only provides a snappy and energetic feel but also delivers exceptional cushioning, ensuring that runners experience a comfortable and supportive ride. For beginners looking to enhance their running performance, the Pegasus 38 is a perfect companion that combines style and substance.

Nike's Air Zoom Pegasus series has a well-deserved reputation, and the Pegasus 38 continues this tradition of excellence. Its versatility and advanced technology make it an excellent choice for runners at any level, whether you're just starting your running journey or aiming to improve your performance.

5. Saucony Cohesion 14 Men's and Women's Running Shoes

Saucony's Cohesion 14 is a budget-friendly option for beginners who want reliable running shoes without breaking the bank.

Why we like it? These shoes provide an affordable and reliable choice for novice runners, delivering the cushioning and support needed for daily training runs.

What we love about the Cohesion 14 is its affordability, making it an attractive option for beginners looking for reliable running shoes without straining their budget. Despite the lower price point, these shoes don't compromise on essential features. They offer dependable cushioning and support, ensuring your comfort during daily training runs. The combination of cushioning and support is especially crucial for novice runners who are building their endurance and fitness.

The Cohesion 14 doesn't just stop at being budget-friendly; it also provides long-lasting performance. Its breathable mesh upper keeps your feet comfortable, reducing the risk of blisters or discomfort during your runs. The durable construction ensures that these shoes can withstand the rigors of regular use, making them a wise investment for those new to the sport.

Saucony's Cohesion 14 offers a practical and budget-friendly solution for beginners, ensuring reliable cushioning and support for daily training runs without sacrificing quality. Its affordability, breathable design, and durability make it a great choice for those starting their running journey.

woman tying her shoe laces


When you're just starting your running journey, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. We've highlighted five top options available on Amazon to help you get started. Whether you prefer the well-established brands like ASICS, New Balance, Brooks, Nike, or a budget-friendly choice like Saucony, there's a perfect fit for every beginner.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when making your selection, and you'll be well on your way to a successful and comfortable running experience.

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