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Real 21 Day Fix Results: How I Lost 8 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I started doing the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. I honestly wanted to loose the baby weight that I gained throughout my pregnancy and somehow I just can't seem to loose it. Even after a year later, the pounds are still there. I still cannot fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans (or shirts...or really anything). Meanwhile, I have other mom friends who are fitting into their pre-pregnancy jeans only after just a few months.

The mental agony of putting on those maternity jeans daily had caused my mind to whirl around daily asking myself What else can I do? How can I adjust my workouts? Are my eating habits okay? Do I need to adjust my calories?

With all of these questions spinning around in my head, and the weight still hanging on, I decided to give 21 Day Fix by Beachbody a chance. In order to complete the 21 Days fix, I decided to go with the Total Solution Pack of Deluxe Shakeology.

The pack includes:

Beachbody Performance

These supplements can help you overcome your fitness obstacles. They can help you push harder and last longer, which means you can get better results from your workouts—faster. I chose the Recover in Chocolate and the Pre-Workout in Berry. Both taste pretty good.


Shakeology is the wellness nutrition with clinically tested health benefits, all to help you eat better, feel better, and live better. Along with premium proteins, essential vitamins and minerals..

Portion Fix Accessory Bundle

This bundle has the essentials you need for Portion Fix. It includes the Portion Fix Daily Logbook and the FIXATE Vol. 2 cookbook.

Annual Membership to Beachbody On Demand

Access Beachbody On Demand on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or TV—anywhere you have internet access.

There are other packs that contain the essentials, but I picked this one because I didn't have a membership to the On Demand. It didn't take long for my shipment to arrive. I was really looking forward to trying this out. I felt like there was nothing else that I could loose except for the weight. Although, I was a bit afraid of changing the way I was eating. I knew that in the past, the way that I was eating had helped me drop 3 sizes and helped me be in the best shape of my life.

But on the other hand, I knew that I had to change, because I have had enough of wearing these maternity jeans. I had enough of being still almost 40 pounds heavier than what I was. I thought that maybe this was my chance to be able to loose some weight.

What is Portion Fix?

Portion Fix is one of the most successful weight-loss programs at Beachbody. This easy to follow video-based program from creator Autumn Calabrese will teach you everything you need to know...including how to use color-coded containers to take the guesswork out of eating delicious, perfectly sized meals, every time. First thing going into this program is that Portion Fix isn’t a diet—you can still eat the foods you love (yes, really! including wine and desserts!)

It includes hundreds of recipes, food lists, and ways the entire family can get involved in making healthier meals. The program is easy to learn, and with videos and tools. You will also learn strategies to help you lose weight, fuel your body for performance, and incorporate your entire family—yes, even your kiddos—into eating healthy! (its a win-win).

Plus, you’ll get the FIXATE Volume 2 cookbook with 102 delicious recipes and the 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF. As a FREE BONUS when you buy Portion Fix, you’ll also get permanent access to 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts shot in real time with an emphasis on faster progress.

What's included in the PORTION FIX KIT:

The kit includes short step-by-step videos that are easy-to-follow to show you how to use the containers, how to plan, prep, and make healthy meals, plus help you get to the core of your food and eating decisions. Daily Logbook This 30-day guide is where you’ll track what you eat, how you feel, and what’s going on with your body.

The Color-Coded Containers means no more guessing about how much you should eat. Its super easy to fill up the containers with your choice of food—if it fits, you can eat it!

FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook 102 delicious recipes that work with your containers. FIXATE Cooking Show Over 300 easy-to-follow video demonstrations of delicious portion-controlled recipes—brought to you by Autumn and her professional chef brother Bobby on Beachbody On Demand.

It also contains 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids This digital PDF is a quick and easy resource for parents who want to give their kids healthy meals they’ll love to eat. I would also recommend downloading the Beachbody app to stay on top of your daily container use, your portions, and Shakeology, plus you can gain access to program content and more. It also contains a FREE BONUS! - 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix EXTREME Real Time workouts Autumn updated these 2 programs in real time, for faster progress and with more emphasis on how fitness and Portion Fix nutrition can be a powerful combo.

* Program Food list

Portion Fix focuses on providing specific portion-control containers to measure out food (“external control”) backed up by an entire ecosystem of videos, tools, and written self-reflection exercises. It teaches what and how much to eat to achieve a healthy, balanced diet in order to effectively lose and maintain their weight.

The goal is to get people to rethink how and what they eat, and to finally take control of your nutrition.

How does Shakeology fit in with Portion Fix?

Shakeology gives your customers a strong nutritional foundation every day. Shakeology is meticulously crafted with potent ingredients to help fuel your body and give it the healthy nutrients it needs. Portion Fix shows you how to integrate Shakeology into your daily container usage, and gives you container equivalents for each shake. In one delicious, daily shake, you will get protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals you need to help create meaningful change.

If you want to lose weight, but needs a lot of guidance...its packed with videos, tools, recipes, guidance, and support, Portion Fix takes the guesswork and emotion out of healthy food and eating decisions, and makes losing weight simple, easy, and understandable. If you love food and hate idea of “diet” foods, Portion Fix is for you. This isn’t a “salad-only” diet, because it’s not a diet.

The program is meant for you if know that sugars and processed foods are bad, but want alternatives to avoid them. There are recipes that cover many types of meals and snacks are made with wholesome ingredients to help break the food addiction and replace processed foods in your routine.

When you’re eating healthy and nutritious foods every time, the pounds can drop more easily. You might want to think about choosing this program if you no longer wants emotions to dictate food choices (think bad day = ice cream). Portion Fix helps you get to the core of your eating decisions, and helps you find the real motivation you need to get meaningful weight-loss success. When you separate feelings from food, you’re less likely to break your commitment to healthier, portion-controlled eating.

My Results:

I ended up loosing 8lbs by the end of the 21 days. This was more than what I was expected! And I was eating! I eat small meals anyways, but I never felt deprived, and could fit everything I wanted to eat into my day. Here's a sample of what I would eat:

Breakfast: Zucchini noodles, 2 eggs and grapes

Snack: Shakeology

Lunch: Tilapia, spinach and sweet potato

Dinner: Chicken, Brussel sprouts

Snack: Apple with almond butter

My calorie range was the 1200 - 1499, which consisted of:

3 Vegetables

2 Fruits

4 Proteins

2 Carbs

2 tsp of nut butters

1 fats

1 seeds

Most of the time I wouldn't hit the Carb goal because I'm sensitive to Carbs and it makes me very tired and sluggish, but I would at least have 1 portion a day. Also, the protein was a little hard for me to eat all 4 portions, so I stuck with 3 and was fine.

I did learn a few things completing this:

Its important to Plan and prep the right sized portions

Cook/Prepare healthy, delicious meals with balanced macronutrients is essential

It Broke my sugar addiction and replaced it with wholesome, healthy ingredients

Remember my “why” it was my motivation to get results and stick with it

Whole family eats healthy and involved in their own nutrition

Fueled my body for performance when I ate the right foods

Overall, I'd recommend this program for anyone wanting to get their nutrition on track. And I think I'll even stay on this program for a second round!

Have any questions? Comments? Let me know in the comments below!

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