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Top 5 Homemade Holiday Recipes to Add to Your Table

One of the greatest gift you can give, is the gift of a homemade dinner. There is nothing better in the world than smelling an warm apple pie cooking in the oven, or sitting down at your dinner table surrounded by family.

I know I have always cherished the memories of my family dinners growing up, whether it was a holiday or not. There is always something so special.

I also remember what dishes my mom would make every year...and to carry on that same tradition, I now also make the same dishes for my family. It's a memory I'd also like sharing for my family.

With that said, let's dig into some really tasty homemade holiday recipes that you can make this holiday season. - Yeah, they probably aren't "diet" approved, but hey, it's the holidays.

You can always enjoy a holiday dinner without going overboard and gaining weight. Just make sure you pay attention to your portion sizes and maybe don't go for that second piece of pie.

1. Pumpkin Pie

We all know it ain't the holidays without a pie! More specifically, a Pumpkin Pie. It's super easy to make too! When I started baking my own pies for my family, there were always utensils that I was missing though.

Make sure that you have all of you need before you bake. You can find the Pumpkin Pie Recipe Here.

Make sure that you have a good Pie Plate, a Wisk, and a Classic Batter Bowl.

2. Turkey

I can honestly say that majority of the Holiday dinners consist of Turkey. There were a few dinners that included ham, and if you are one of those families who enjoy Ham instead of Turkey, don't worry!

We got your Ham Recipe right Here. For those who enjoy a Turkey, look no further, we have a yummy Rosemary -Herb Roasted Turkey Recipe Here.

For the Ham Recipe, you will need a Deluxe Mini Cooker, Easy Reading Measuring Cups, and lets not forget that Basting Brush.

3. Stuffing

Now, I think I know what you might be thinking...stuffing? yuck! Some people like it, or some people don't. I was one of those ones who never touched the stuff during the holidays. My mom would cook it every. single. year. Only my dad and mom would eat it.

But, as I got older and my taste buds changed, I actually enjoyed eating it! You can find the Herb Stuffing Recipe Here. This is packed with veggies and is more of a Classic Style Stuffing.

And if you are in the mood for a different taste, you can always try the Sausage and Apple Herb Stuffing Here. This recipe is packed with sweet cranberries and apples with a hint of lemon rosemary rub that just leaves you craving for more sweetness!

4. Mashed Potatoes

If your family is like mine, mashed potatoes get served regularly with dinners, that is why I added mashed potatoes to this list. My kids would go wild if I didn't serve this dish.

You can find the Easy Mashed Potatoes Recipe Here. I like this recipe because it only consist of 4 ingredients! Less ingredients, means budget friendly!

5. Salad

Yes, Salad. You read that correctly. I have always been a salad eater...and so has my husband. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of side salad during a Holiday dinner. In fact, it just might make be the best dish included!

We like to make this Chopped California Cobb Salad, you can find the recipe Here.

There you go! Five Holiday Recipes to make your Holiday Homemade! If you have any other ideas, comment below and Happy Holidays!

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