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Just the Beginning....

My youngest is now 1 years old. I had an awful pregnancy...I gained over 60 lbs, experienced anxiety, depression, I couldn't work because I had health issues related to pregnancy. I had never had an experience quite like this one.

Before she was born, I had lost 45 lbs! I gained an incredible amount of muscle, and I was fit. I wore a size 5 in Jrs, was 138 lbs...I had the waist size of a 27inches, and hips were a size 31 inches! I could run 3 miles at such a great speed, even I couldn't believe it. Mind you, I was also 33 years old. Going from fit to being pregnant again was not good on my mental health. Now, I am back at square one, trying to loose about 45 lbs again, and I need to loose almost 10 inches off my hips and 7 inches off my waist.

Loosing weight is not easy. I had a strict diet that I kept myself on (lean proteins, veggies, limited amount of carbs and fats). I worked out starting from 20 minutes a day and eventually was up to 2 hours a day. I loved every minute of it. It was an achievement that I felt great about. I had great self esteem, I was happy and fit. Starting this journey all over again makes me feel almost depressed. Throughout the past year, I have tried and failed many times adhering to my diet and exercise plan. I would do great for 2 weeks, then my older son would bring home chocolate...and even favorite of all the chocolates..Reese's.

It was through these failed experiences where I decided to join Beachbody as a Coach. My thoughts were along the line of "Help, I need support" and "I need access to home workouts". Bingo. Beachbody was my saving grace. I've done Beachbody before and quickly changed my mind due to the home workouts. Then, I wanted a place I could go to to concentrate on working out. (Helllloooo 24 Hour Fitness). I have been a member of their gym since 2016.

Now that I have four (yes, 4) little kiddos running around all day, I need something that I can put on the screen during nap time. A quick 30 minute workout...(or even longer if I felt motivated) is absolutely perfect for my lifestyle now.

My goal here is to be able to share my experiences with you by writing about my fitness and nutrition goals. I also want to be able to share some of my favorite workouts and recipes (because I love cooking for my family) in hopes that it might help someone else who has been through the ups and downs of loosing and gaining weight, whether it is through childbirth, or failed dieting (trust me, I've been through this more times that I can imagine). I also want to be a great support system for anyone who needs a lending ear.

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