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Simple Workout Plans for Beginners To Get Started

For those of you wanting to get started to become fit and healthy, you have come to the right place.

I know first hand what it is like to struggle trying to loose the weight and follow an exercise and diet plan.

It's really not always easy. That is one reason why I decided to become one of those fitness bloggers, personal trainers and fitness enthusiast.

I wanted to be able to help others explore the benefits of eating healthy and exercising and help make small changes that will lead them to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have had a few readers reach out asking if I could recommend a gym workout plan for beginners, or a gym workout plan for weight loss.

The answer is YES! I DO have workout plans that I will share today that you can download and use them to track and write down your fitness goals to keep you accountable.

Each on can be found below. They are relatively simple exercises to get you started. Once you have the basic exercises down, you can start building on what you know and adjusting accordingly.

If you need any additional resources, feel free to explore the Nutrition Blog - there are a lot of healthy recipes you can try as well as nutrition tips.

If you would like more resources on fitness and nutrition, I would highly recommend that you visit some of my Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition Blog. In this section I highlight the benefits of each Beachbody Program and provide you with the links to get started.

Hope this helps anyone who is wanting to get started into a health and fitness journey!

30 Day Beach ready Challenge
Download PDF • 337KB

Sport Gym Fitness Workout Challenge Instagram Story
Download PDF • 1.94MB

4 Week Full Body Challange
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Fitness Planner
Download PDF • 170KB

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