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Boost Your Fitness Diet Plan With Tone It Up's Protein Supplement

I have always stuck to one or two protein supplements in the past 12 years, after trying some really gross ones. Most always seem to have a chalky taste, or made me wanna gag within the first drink. Needless to say, I have become pretty picky about my protein throughout the years.

Since I have only stuck to one or two protein supplements, I'm in my midst of trying to find a new or better protein supplement. For me, it's always hard to find a protein supplement that fits in my fitness diet plan.

While browsing the internet, I had come across Tone it Up. I had originally saw this at Target and wondered what this brand was. I've never heard about it, and wondered if it would taste better and didn't have the nasty ingredients like some others out there.

I bought the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies because I wanted something that I could eat as a sweet treat and still make it work with my Macros throughout the day. I also bought the Chocolate Peanut butter Bars. Tone it Up has more products available.

My Experience

Ok so, let's get down to my thoughts on Tone it Up. I can honestly say, I LOVED the Cookies. The cookies are soft-baked and are simply just delicious. The best thing about Tone it Up, is that it is created by women for women.

Tone It Up pretty much nailed the nutritional ingredients. Each cookie delivers 10 right-sized grams of plant-based protein so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track.

I have been a person who always logs their meals in order to stay on track with my fitness and nutrition goals. I use a fitness log daily and was very surprised to see that Tone It Up protein cookies and protein supplements fit so well within my macros. I could eat 2 of these cookies and STILL stay in my Macros. They are truly amazing.

I also personally, really enjoyed the Chocolate Peanut butter I can only say one thing: Delicious. The bar was just drizzled lightly with decadent chocolate and finished it off with a salty sweet peanut butter crunch. Really. If you are thinking about trying another type of protein...I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. Tone it Up nailed it - it taste great, gives your body what it needs without any of the "bad ingredients".

I have had a history of tasting some pretty awful supplement bars. Some are just too chewy, some just don't have a taste at all and some are just plain gross. As with my protein supplements, I am also picky about the supplement bars that I eat. I have to say to say that these bars will be on my grocery list from now on.

Tone It Up products are all non-GMO, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and never use sugar alcohols. The protein is plant-based and all of your snacks are made from the cleanest ingredients.

In addition to protein supplements and sweet treats, Tone it Up also has nutritional plans such as the 5 Day Detox and Fitness Programs such as Raise the Bar and Own Your Strength.

You can shop at the link below to get 40% off of selected products.

Have you tried any products from Tone it Up? Leave a comment below!

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