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Top 5 Post Workout Supplements for Muscle Building & Recovery

So we have ALL been here, right?...We workout hard. We push ourselves. We lift harder. And after that hard workout, it leaves you feeling energized. Strong. Almost like we are amazed that we just bench pressed 100lbs...or maybe even just 20lbs...but whatever it is that you are amazed that your body can NEED to research good post workout supplements.

It is true that without the proper nutrition in our bodies, it will have a hard time recovering, building muscle and getting results. After a workout, your body goes in a state of repair. The muscle fibers that tore during a workout need a chance to heal. There are several things you can do to help your body recover and recharge. One of the best ways to do that is with a high-quality supplement that contains vitamins, protein and other essential nutrients such as a post workout supplement.

Here, I will discuss 5 of my favorites post workout supplements.

Why trust me on this? Because as a personal trainer, I often make suggestions to support weight loss and muscle gain efforts with my clients. This involves educating fitness clients about:

  • Calorie management strategies. This involves eating less, eating more filling foods, and avoiding calorie-dense drinks and snacks.

  • Good food selection strategies. Teaching clients to choose whole grains over processed carbs or water over pop.

  • Good food timing strategies. What to eat before and after a workout and the importance of eating breakfast.

  • Supplement suggestions/information. Teaching them which vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients may be beneficial.

  • Healthy lifestyle choices. Identifying nutritious food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  1. Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder from Isopure

Isopure provides 20 grams of organic pea and brown rice protein with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

By combining these unique protein sources we're able to produce a comprehensive profile of essential amino acids that your body can't produce on its own

Not only that, but each serving has 0 cholesterol, just 1.5 grams of fat and 0 grams of sugar. This means, you can stay on track with Fats AND don't get the extra nasty stuff with Isopure.

I like this one because it's the ideal plant-based protein powder for mixing up quality nutrition and outstanding taste without adding any dairy or soy to your diet. This is especially important for those who can't drink dairy products who for those who just want a better post workout supplement.

You can get yours Here on Amazon.

2. Cellucor COR-Performance Protein Powder

This Post Workout Supplement is best used as part of a well-balanced diet that includes whole foods and other protein sources.

Formulated with Whey Protein Isolate as the primary source to maximize muscle recovery, retention, and growth. Best part is, it contains 24 grams of protein in each serving. And, unlike some other post-workout supplements, you can consume 1-4 servings daily, or as needed to satisfy your personal protein intake requirements.

This protein powder also contains 2 grams of Sugar and 1.5 grams of Fat. - Again, with this one, you can keep your Fats AND your Sugars in line.

Cellucor also comes in a variety of different flavors. Think Cinnamon Swirl, Molten Chocolate, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Whipped Vanilla! yum!

You can get yours Here on Amazon.

3. Chocolate Whey Recover Post Workout Supplement

Help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and jump-start recovery so you can hit every workout with strength and intensity. Recover has clinically-tested key ingredients and phytonutrients shown to help:*

I actually use this one now. I like it because it speeds up muscle and strength recovery. It's also great at Combating exercise-induced muscle soreness. It boost muscle protein synthesis AND Builds and repairs muscles.

I like it because it contains 1 gram of Fat and 6 grams of Sugars. I don't eat a lot of Sugars, so I can go ahead and fork over a little more Sugar in my Post-Workout.

You can get yours Here through Beachbody.

4. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

Certified USDA Organic, Non GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified for Sport, Informed Choice for Sport Certified, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, No added sugars

The Garden of Life Vegan Protein Post Workout Supplement helps you refuel & repair muscles after a hard workout with 30g of Complete Protein and over 5g BCAA amino acids. This sport protein powder promotes faster recovery and contains 2 Billion CFU probiotic blend to keep your immune system strong during training.

This post workout contains 1.2 grams of Fat and 1 gram of Sugar. Again, this is a great post-workout supplement that is low on both in order to support your Macros and training efforts.

You can get yours Here on Amazon.

5. Ascent Plant Based Protein Powder Post Workout Supplement

Ascent vegan chocolate peanut butter protein powder is a plant-based, post-workout recovery drink packed with naturally occurring amino acids & zero added sugar.

The Ascent Protein Powder is a plant protein powder with a full amino acid profile. Ascent’s plant protein powder contains 25 grams of complete protein powder, 4g BCAA, and 2 g of leucine, helping you improve muscle health and recover after every intense workout.

You can mix Ascent plant protein in a glass or shaker bottle with water, smoothies, almond milk, oat milk, or your non-dairy shake of choice. Best part is, it mixes smooth and well (not to mention it tastes great and comes in Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Vanilla...yum!)

You can order yours Here on Amazon.

Things to Remember

When you're shopping for any post-workout supplements, it's important to remember that not all supplements are created equal. When shopping for a post-workout supplement it's also important to shop one that contains contains electrolytes, carbohydrates, and protein or BCAAs for optimal muscle recovery. It's also important to remember to consume the supplement immediately after your workout.

Have you tried any Post-Workout Supplements? What is your Favorite one? Drop a Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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