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7 Wellness Trends That Everyone is Talking About

I'm sure we have all seen Wellness trends that grow popular each and every year. I almost feel like 2020 - 2022 was the most I have ever seen wellness trends grow increasingly popular. For example, there was the trend that everyone should quit their job during Covid, or the quite quitting that has recently took arise.

Each year, wellness trends seem to have a different focus, so that made me curious to see what is coming up next in our 2023 year.

There really could be so many possibilities our there that can be super helpful and to make you feel your best inside and out. But, even as we barely get into February, there are a few wellness trends on the rise. Who knows, maybe this is the year you find something new that you could add to your wellness routine?

Tip #1 - Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing is defined as expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life, including one's morals and ethics. It may or may not involve religious activities. (1)

It refers not to any particular religious or spiritual practice or ideology but to the human need for meaning, purpose and connection to something greater than ourselves. This aspect of our wellbeing may be met through the practice of a religious faith, through a deeply felt connection to nature or through a passion for our professional vocation (2)

Throughout the years, the term spiritual wellbeing has changed. Many years ago, it was mostly meant to formal organizations, such as religions, but now it's understood as something that can be achieved through one’s own practice. Some techniques include meditation, breathwork, a gratitude practice, or martial arts.

Tip #2 - Micro Workouts

The term micro workouts may seem strange, but it's actually pretty simple. Micro workouts are workouts that can be completed anywhere at any time of day. It can last seconds long, or even several minutes long. When you complete a micro workout, you can focus on one specific exercise or even a full body exercise.

In today's world, it is sometimes hard to devote 60 or 90 minutes at the gym. In between work, dinner, chores, family and maybe helping the kids with their homework, there seems like there isn't really that much time to accomplish everything we want. But, with micro workouts, you can complete them in as much time as you have.

For example... Making your morning tea? Perform a set or two of lunges while your hot water heats up on the stove. On hold for the doctors office? You can complete a few sumo squats. Waiting on that microwave to heat up your lunch? Do some calf raises.

Tip #3 - Sleep Syncing

Maybe some of you haven't heard about this one. Sleep syncing is basically a wellness trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Sleep syncing involves adjusting your sleep cycle to nature and tuning into your cardiac rhythm.

Believe it or not, there has already been quite a few studies around sleep syncing. If you want to try out sleep syncing, it's quite easy to do. First, you need to be able to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. For some, this might be hard to do considering some of us work a Monday to Friday job where we might get up super early then on the weekends we might want to sleep in. With Sleep syncing, it means that you continue to get up like you were if you were going to work.

There are some benefits to sleep syncing once you have your body use to the new sleep schedule. For example, some people may reduce signs of anxiety or sleep problems. You can also hook up your fitbit or other fitness watch to track your sleep and monitor your sleep patterns.

Tip #4 - Matcha

Another wellness trend that is taking over is matcha. Although I am certainly a coffee drinker, I have found that matcha does provide some health benefits. If you don't want to be in with the 'in' crowd, at least you know that there are some health benefits to the drink.

Matcha will give you a little bit of energy much like your morning coffee while also not giving you that mid morning crash like coffee does. Matcha also has been used by the monks in some meditation courses as it contains L-Theanine that give you the ability to focus.

Matcha is also loaded with antioxidants that boost your immune system and helps prevent illinesses.

Tip #5 - Light Therapy

Light Therapy has become increasingly popular even though it has been around a while. Several tanning salons now have light therapy beds and packages you can buy as a bundle to save.

Dermatologist over the years have spoken out how light therapy will work wonders for certain issues. The different wavelengths of light work in order to enhance and speed up wound healing, minimizing the appearing of acne, releafe pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. (Say goodbye to soreness in joints in the winter!).

There's also been growing research that light therapy can help with depressive symptoms and other seasonal disorders. I can actually say first hand that light therapy does work. I have been doing light therapy for well over 10 years now and I can say that there really are so many wellness benefits now wonder it has become a wellness trend of this year. I highly recommend it for anyone.

I also have to say that as technology improves, light therapy machines are no longer just restricted to the use of trained professionals. A number of machines have already been approved by the FDA for at-home use, and more are expected to be approved really soon.

#6: Creative Emotional Expression

Over the past couple of years, so many people were stuck in their homes with the lockdowns. For some this was a great experience to bond with their family and have a little bit of fun, but for others, people had no choice but to deal with the demons in their head. This took the mental health problem to the extreme due to the lack to therapist there are across the US. After this, it was a no brainer that we now understood the meaning of mental health and understood what it was like to actually deal with traumas and demons that were never dealt with.

There past few years we got to see first hand how mental health can take a toll on us. More and more people this year are planning to buy, or already had bought a journal or a planner. As we saw through those tough years, it is so important to self reflect and to deal with our emotions through journaling. It's really about self-care and being creative and asking ourselves if we are okay.

#7- Plant Based

Oh yes, the plant-based diet trend. I have to say that this is really becoming a popular trend. There are so many people trying a plant based diet, and whether you’re going vegan or simply cutting back on meats, the benefits (whether for health, environmental benefit, or ethical reasons) of eating plants are clear!

So many people look for plant based or vegan recipes throughout the past few months that we can clearly see where this trend is going. I'm not going to lie, I am also one of those people who searched for recipes! If you want to try out a plant based diet, I highly recommend a good cookbook.

You can get your Plant based Cookbook Here. This Recipe book has over 100 mouthwatering recipes Vegan recipes plus a BONUS ebook!

It's so important to be able to know and control what goes into our body. And when we are able to cook our own food we can control the ingredients that goes into the food, therefore eliminating the bad ingredients. This year is all about keeping it healthy and wholesome — look out for new products made with the most natural and nutrient-rich ingredients as possible!

Some of the 2023 top trending foods to look out for include new and continued formulations of:

  • Nut butter spreads

  • Non-dairy milk

  • Dairy-free smoothies

  • Alternative flours (such as banana, chickpea, oat, and nut flours)

  • Digestive-friendly sauces and spreads (made without irritants like garlic)

If you are new to the plant-based lifestyle and want to try it out, there are several good companies out there that make plant based eating so much easier!

A great way to kickstart your health and get yourself ready for a healthier lifestyle is a Vegan Challange. You can click here to join.

In Closing

There's such an emphasis on physical, mental, and emotional health, the meaning of wellness is positively changing in the year ahead. There is one thing you can expect to see, which is a much bigger emphasis on mental health, nutrient-rich foods, planet-driven products, and more. With more and more people becoming concerned with health and wellness as a lifestyle, I hope you can find a new wellness trend for yourself this year so you can be on your way to better self care!


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