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Why Beachbody Shakeology Boost Will Be Your Next Big Obsession

When you are trying to loose weight and make healthier eating choices, it's super important to stay on track to get towards your goal. When you do accomplish those goals, you will find that you feel empowered, more confident, and feeling stronger. It's truly a great feeling.

In order to get there, there are many challenges you may face, including making good food choices daily. Yes - daily. And with the holidays arriving soon, its even more tempting to eat another piece of pie...or maybe that tasty fudge that grandma always makes. BUT, this is where the test really comes into play.

As hard as it is to stay on track during the Holidays (or even when there's tempting sweet treats in the house), I have a few tools that I use. The first tool is log your meals. Trust me, this helps with your fitness and nutrition goals. By logging them, you can see what you eat on a daily basis and plan to fit protein supplements if needed.

Speaking of protein supplements, I would recommend Shakeology by Beachbody. Shakeology can be a great way to get your protein in your diet. There are also added benefits to drinking it daily. (Check out my Blog Post on Shakeology here.)

Even though Shakeology is a great addition to my health and fitness needs, I also add Shakeology Boost in my daily shake.

You might be asking yourself What is that? Well, Shakeology Boosts are the easiest way to customize Shakeology to your unique needs. When you boost your shakes, you boost your health! It has many benefits such as:

Focused Energy Boost energizes your day the healthy way. It also supports mental clarity, alertness, and focus to help you be more productive.

Power Greens Boost fuels your body with a full serving of nutrient-dense green veggies and exotic greens while helping support the body's acid/alkaline balance.

Digestive Health Boost helps improve irregularity, support digestive health, and helps keep you feeling full longer with its potent blend of 7 g of soluble AND insoluble fiber.

Is Shakeology Boost for me?

Yes! Shakeology Boosts are for ANYONE who wants to be healthier than they currently are. So if you want to be in better health, become leaner, or even if you want to loose more than 10 lbs this Boost is designed for you! But to be more specific, these Boost are especially designed for those who have specific health and lifestyle needs that these boosts help support. You can use this Shakeology Boost as a way to boost your energy throughout the day and if you don't want to compromise your health by using other forms of energy, such as energy drinks. This Shakeology Boost is also for those who hate (and love) their vegetables. It's for individuals who have sensitive stomachs and digestive issues.

What are the unique benefits of each boost?

Focused Energy Boost: Okay, so this is such an awesome boost is designed to give you a boost of energy—not only made your mind, but also your body. This Boost is designed to support mental clarity, alertness, and focus to help you be more productive in general. If you are concerned about artificial colors or preservatives, not to worry, this boost contains NO chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Its really a healthier alternative to some other boost out there.

Why do I need Focused Energy Boost in addition to Shakeology?

I'm not going to lie, I am a real BIG fan of Shakeology by Beachbody, especially the Café Latte Flavor. Shakeology is such an incredible daily dose of dense nutrition, but lets face it, there are just some days when you need something extra. Especially when you just crushed your workout the day before, and now you are feeling kind of sluggish you can get a dose of this Boost to supercharge yourself with energy. A great benefit about this Boost is that you can also use this boost to reduce or replace your daily coffee habit. I made the switch to replace my coffee and never looked back. I never miss my coffee because this satisfies me so much better.

Why do I need the Power Green Boost?

The Power Greens Boost by Beachbody is just a convenient way to get a full serving of nutrient-dense green vegetables, like kale and spinach. This is a great way to get in those greens into your diet for those who struggle to get the recommended amount of servings. If you already get the recommended amount of greens into your diet, no worries at all! You can still drink it for added benefits as it helps support the body's acid/alkaline balance. It really doesn't matter how many greens you currently eat; your body can always benefit from more.

Why do I need Power Greens Boost in addition to Shakeology?

If you drink Shakeology on a daily basis, you know that it is loaded with the nutrition that you need on a daily basis. However, you can always benefit from the Power Greens Boost. This Boost is really designed for anyone and everyone.

Did you know the average American gets less than half of the Daily Recommended amount of fiber? Yes Really! But a great thing about this Boost is that when you add this boost to Shakeology, you can get over half the amount that is recommended in one sitting. This Boost contains 7 grams of both soluble AND insoluble fiber.

Why do I need Digestive Health Boost in addition to Shakeology?

It really depends on your specific dietary needs and current lifestyle. If you currently are a person who struggles with junk food, you might need a little more help in the digestion department. So when you're experiencing irregularity or digestive discomfort, this boost may help alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms.

These Boost are easy and super friendly to use, just gently shake the jar to loosen the compressed powder. One level scoop is all you need to mix it with Shakeology, or the beverage of your choice, and drink immediately! - Yes, that's really it! No bringing out that blender and blending it with ice, or making a loud noise early in the morning.

You can order your Digestive Health Boost Here through Beachbody.

What makes Beach Body Boosts better than others?

I can honestly say that all of Beachbody products I have tried are so much better than other similar products out there. Yes, I am a Beachbody Coach, but I would not recommend a product that I do not truly believe works.

Focused Energy Boost is really a better than other energy products because:

• Naturally boosts your energy, focus, and mental clarity with ginseng & natural caffeine

• Packed with antioxidants

• No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

You can Order your Focused Energy Boost Here through Beachbody.

Power Greens Boost is better than other greens products because:

• Packed with a potent dose of green superfoods that contain vitamins and minerals

• NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

• The unique formula helps support the body's balance.

You can Grab your Power Green Boost Here through Beachbody.

Have you tried Beachbody Products? If so, what are your thoughts? Share below in the comment section!

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