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Cookware That Can Make Your Life Easier in 2023

I have a family of 6, and I have to admit, we are always cooking. I rarely buy packaged products and if I do it's usually canned ingredients, frozen vegetables, frozen fruit or protein supplements. I really like to stick to a diet that are packed with vitamins and minerals so we can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. This means, I am always in the kitchen cooking up a tasty meal or snack.

I'm not sure about your house, but in my house it gets a bit crazy around dinner time. I'm trying to cook, the kids are running around being loud, the baby's screaming, my husband's trying to talk over the kids. Everyone in the house is so loud. Not to mention, everyone is hungry.

With that being said, I'm always looking for ways to cook up something tasty in the kitchen while also making it easier on myself. I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, then be scrubbing food off a pan right after dinner.

After cooking for 6 people, spending hours cooking dinner, I just want something that I can easily clean off. Not to mention something that can stand up to the daily wear and tear of cooking. every. single. day.

I recently have found cookware from Pampered Chef. Now, my mom use to use their cookware and bakeware when I was younger, but I never thought much about it until she had given me Pampered Chef's Flex + Multi Prep Set.

The Flex + Multi Prep Set is one of the best kitchen tools I own. It has features that makes slicing, chopping, grating, pureeing, emulsifying, mixing, less time-consuming. With the Flex+, you get three cordless, time-saving prep tools in one!

The set comes with an immersion blender, 6-cup food processor, and a hand mixer. It's great because you can just click the power handle to one of the attachments, choose a blade (food processor) or beaters/whisks (hand mixer) and you’re ready to go. You can find more info on Pampered Chef's website.

Anyways, after my glorious experience with Pampered Chef, I started looking into their cookware, bakeware and small appliances. I had bought a variety of them! Not just because, but because I actually needed some good, quality kitchen items and gadgets.

I didn't need cheap non-stick pots or pan. I didn't want to keep throwing away my money when I went out to buy kitchen tools every few months. I wanted something durable, high quality and easy to use. After using them for 6 months, I have to say that Pampered Chef has really set the bar and exceeded my expectations.

Today, I will be sharing my list of the top 5 Cookware items by Pampered Chef that you cannot life without.


Cast Iron has it's place in most kitchens now a days. What's great about Cast Iron is that it is meant to be used often, durable and may even be passed down the family.

This Cast Iron 12" skillet comes preseason, so you can start using it right away. Cast Iron has a natural, nonstick surface gets better and better the more you use it.

This skillet is safe to use in high heat (up to 650 degrees!). This is one of the many reasons why Cast Iron is preferred over any other cooking material.

Cast iron’s excellent heat retention means that food stays hot and delicious.

My husband loves to cook his steak in cast iron. In fact, it's really the only skillet he will cook with. Even if it's not clean and there's a variety of skillets in the cupboard, he will wash it just so he can use it.

His favorite meal to use the skillet is steaks and crispy gold potatoes. This skillet is unlike any other because it has a built in low-profile pour spouts that lets you easily drain off pan juices whether you’re left- or right-handed.

You Can Get Yours Here

2. Signature Non-stick Grill Pan

Pampered Chef makes it easy to grill on the stovetop any time of year with the Signature Nonstick Grill Pan. This grill pan is designed with a ridged base that creates rich, seared grill marks and keeps food out of drippings.

You can actually grill up to four steaks, chicken breasts or burgers at once, and the high sides keep splattering to a minimum. Which is great because most other grill pans I always tend to get grease splattered all over me.

It's also designed with four-layer nonstick coating is made without PFOA and provides even heat conduction and consistent results every time. It comes with a removable handle that saves space in your cabinets, oven, and dishwasher. I'm not sure about you, but I am so short on cabinet space, so this is a feature I look for when shopping for new cookware.

"Its solid construction and heavyweight produce perfect sear marks and help reduce cooking time. Plus, its riveted stainless steel handle provides a comfortable, easy grip." - -

This style of cookware is designed with you in mind. It's easy removable handle, and made dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. This Cookware has lifetime guarantee It's for sure a savvy investment that will last!

You Can Get Yours Here

3. Stackable Cooling Rack Set

This item is really a must for bakers. We bake cookies, cupcakes and treats all the time. I've been through countless baking racks, but this one is the best. It's made sturdy and has a nonstick coating. The racks sit securely and stack on top of one another so you can cool more treats without taking up more counter space. And if you are like me, counterspace is very limited. The best part is that you can use the racks flat or extend the legs for more cooling space underneath. I like to use sometimes to place my fresh-from-the-oven bakeware or stoneware dish. There's no bending, or wobbliness with this rack.

You Can Get Yours Here

4. Pizza Night Set

My family always loves good pizza. Lately, we have been making our own pizza with the Pizza Night Set. This Set makes is super easy to create your own crispy, crunchy crust with the perfect toppings you enjoy. My oldest loves to put sausage and peperoni on our pizzas.

This set includes the following items:

  • Made with StoneFusion material, our Pizza Stone is pre-heat and oven-safe up to 550°F. Plus, it’s designed with a raised lip so you can easily transfer your finished pizza to the dinner table. 15" x 18" with handles.

  • Enjoy a delicious pizza with all the flavor and crispy texture you love in under 30 minutes! See my blog post Thai Chicken Pizza with Homemade Crust Recipe Here.

You Can Get Yours Here


This fry pan is small but mighty. This pan is one of my favorites because I can make a breakfast just for me while the others have cereal. Instead of bringing out a big fry pan, I have a perfectly sized pan. It's also designed with high-quality nonstick coatings so nothing can stick to the pan!

And believe me, there's nothing worse than a non stick pan sticking to food. And when you’re done cooking, it even goes in the dishwasher! I hate washing dishes, so this feature is amazing and totally worth it.

You Can Get Yours Here

Well, there you have it. My top 5 picks that will change your cooking.

Hopefully, this helped you become informed of the many top quality products Pampered Chef has to offer. I highly recommend them!

Do you have a favorite Pampered Chef Product? Share below!

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